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Our Background

Curriculum Vincent Ryckaert,

1.Born in 1970 as Belgian citizen,

2.Civil Engineer Degree in Electro Mechanics, specialization Automatisation, in 1993, at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

3.Research Experience in Microelectronics (Summer stay 1991, Master Thesis 1993) at IMEC

4.PhD Degree in Applied Science, in 1998, at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

5.IMEC’s patent group within IMEC Business Development in 1998 in the field of Electronic Design Automation, Telecommunication and Multimedia

6.Head of the IPAI (Intellectual Property for Ambient Intelligence) section of the IMEC patent group within Business Development in 2003

7.European Patent Attorney in 2004

8.Training in US Patent Law (2000), Software Patents (2002), US Licensing Law (2004), Patent Opinions and Due Diligence (2008)  by Patent Resources Group

9.Exploitation of Intellectual Property (2007, 2009-2010 as coordinator) by KVIV

10.Diploma on Litigation of European Patents from the University Robert Schuman, Strasbourg, Center for Intellectual Property Studies in 2007

11.Training in Arbitration by WIPO and Mock Arbitration workshop as participant in 2009

12. Head of IPBI (Intellectual Property Business and Intelligence), the licensing group of IMEC in 2009

13.Diploma on court expert opinions at University Ghent in 2010

14. Member of

a.the European Patent Institute (EPI),

b.the Licensing Executive Society (LES),

c.the International Organization for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI)

d.the IP association of the Flemish Engineering Association (KVIV-INDE)

15. Frequent speaker on following themes at  Industrial Technologies 2010, IP Summit 2006, 2010, IQPC 2008, Marcus Evans Conference 2008, ASTP 2001, 2003, ... :

a.Computer-Implemented Inventions – Copyright and Software Patents - Business Models

b.Strategic use and management of intellectual property rights - IP Protection Strategies

c.IPR and public policy, Open innovation, Entrepreneurship

d.IPR Management in a R&D environment – industry-science relations

e.IP in Funded Projects - Licensing in Research Contract - Model Consortium Agreements

f.Exploitation and management of IPR for Spin-off’s - Technology Growth Companies

g.IP Issues in the Semiconductors - Nanotechnology Industry


a.IMEC Industrial Affiliation Program (IIAP) as IPR model to set up nanotechnology research and patenting, World Patent Information, Volume 30, Issue 2, June 2008, Pages 101-105, Vincent Ryckaert and Kristel Van den Broeck

b.The need for a unified IP terminology, European Research Area Workshop on IPR aspects of Internet collaborations , rapporteur Ove Granstrand, 2001, European Commission, Brussels,  European Commission